May 25, 2021

Answers with Experts

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Answers by Experts is a new series by Koelsh Communities in which care partners have their questions addressed by leaders in the field. Our own Allyson Schrier hosted their May 26 discussion with the esteemed Teepa Snow.

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How we help

Easy TV for seniors with dementia
Crafted by dementia experts, artists, researchers and care professionals, Zinnia videos are for people who struggle to process rapid images, follow a plot or tell fact from fiction.
Foster connection
Watch together to learn more about the person you care for. Friendly Greeting videos feature care professionals saying warm, positive messages to the viewer to increase engagement and reduce loneliness.
Promote self-care
Encourage a healthy self-care routine with Zinnia's Activities of Daily Living videos. Videos that inspire tasks such as eating, getting clean or winding down for sleep can help people transition from one activity to another with minimal anxiety.