Enhancing the dementia care experience for your community or business

Create meaningful connection
Reduce social isolation
Support activities of daily living
Soothe anxiety & lift the mood

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  • How long-term care communities use Zinnia TV to enhance enrichment programs, promote one-on-one engagement, reduce agitation and support compliance with activities of daily living.
  • How home health agencies use Zinnia TV to create connection and engagement with new clients and enrich companion care both in-person and virtually.
  • How hospitals promote comfort, reduce patient anxiety and enhance patient communications.
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Zinnia TV makes my job easier.

I would definitely recommended Zinnia TV to other communities – even if they only use it to ease transitions. We know we can count on Zinnia TV to be the antidote to her sadness.
Molly S.
Activity Assistant
Zinnia TV helps our residents be more engaged in their lives and their day and what is going on around them.

We have a resident who gets very anxious later in the day and upset and it’s hard for her to be around others. I went in her room with her and plugged my tablet into her TV and we watched the baking video and gardening. She separated from her anxiety and we talked about the videos and she was really engaged and I was amazed.
Rachel L.
Enrichment Director