Zinnia Videos Help People with Dementia and their Caregivers

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Thousands of people use Zinnia for a better dementia care experience


of caregivers say Zinnia entertains the person they support


of caregivers report Zinnia reduces agitation of the person they support


of caregivers agree Zinnia reduces their own stress

Each moment our dad spends watching the episodes is transformative and contagious. The sparks of joy with insightful conversations is surprising.

Carlos O.

I am amazed. My wife is absolutely captured by the brillance of the videos. I sit with her and our caregivers sit and we are equally happy.

John L.

Zinnia is absolutely wonderful. We use it to calm, set a new pace, laugh, sing and move. It's on at key times of the day like the night time transition.

Issi C.

This has been wonderful for my mother in law

Kristi S.

Love this TV Channel. Great for my husband with dementia and me. Check out the Babies segment!

Virginia O.

My husband has LBD and this channel is a God send. I too enjoy watching all the videos. Music, scenery, subject matter is so very calming and peaceful.

Charlotte B.

WOW! It is amazing. I use it with my day program participants and private engagement clients.

Kasey B.

I absolutely LOVE it!

Katherine A.

ZinniaTV is a godsend. It has such a calming effect for all family members.

Sandra C.

Mom loves her sign alongs on Zinnia TV. We go to the good morning app and then the sing along

Eve T.

We have watched Zinnia TV twice now right before bed and Mom has gone to sleep happier and more peaceful than on nights we haven’t watched it. Not only does Mom enjoy it, but my husband and I do, too!

Mary Katherine V.

Love it. It just keeps her calm, keeps her engaged with what she's watching and because it doesn't have an extensive storyline, she's not getting lost in what's going on.

Miosotis B.

We love Zinnia! The hydration and before bed videos have become part of our daily routine.

Kris M.

I like it. It's different from anything that I have ever seen before. My mom gets distracted but I know she's listening to the videos cause she talks back to the TV. I was able to do a few things this week that was hard to do before.

Loukisha R.

I am so happy that I discovered Zinnia! My wife has very advanced dementia, and is non-communicative. She gets agitated when there are fights, arguments or high stress situations on regular tv programs. Your Nature, Animal and Places videos keep her calm and entertained.

Carl Y.

I’m so glad I discovered Zinnia TV and only wish I’d found it sooner! I find my husband giggling at the kittens and the babies the most, but I also think this gives his brain a rest from all the noise of life, and reminds him of the many things he’s experienced in his life.


Your creation of Zinnia TV is magical.

Debra Z.

I love it, and our mom loves it. Bless the nurse who pointed me to your product :) and thank you for creating it. In fact, thank God for all of this!

Maxine M.

We love Zinnia! It is really helpful to calm our anxious Residents with dementia.

Andrea C.

Create meaningful connection
Reduce social isolation
Support activities of daily living
Soothe anxiety & lift the mood
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I created Zinnia because my husband had dementia
I wanted videos that would:
  • Keep him occupied and happy
  • Give me a break
  • Distract him when he was anxious
  • Calm him (and me) down
  • Encourage him to drink water, bathe, get dressed, use the toilet
  • Remind him of activities he loves
It didn't exist so we built it.
Zinnia TV.
Gently paced. No confusing plots. No commercials.
Allyson Schrier

Co-Founder, Zinnia
"Zinnia helps us smile and laugh together."
Cindy and Lester
"When my wife Teri watches Zinnia there's a light in her eyes and joy on her face."
Arnie C.
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