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Zinnia TV is designed to...

Create meaningful connection

Reduce social isolation

Support activities of daily living

Soothe anxiety & lift the mood

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Name That Spring Flower
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Let's Drink Water
Let's Drink Water
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Name That Dog Breed
Name That Dog Breed
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Wildlife Nature Walk
Wildlife Nature Walk
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Praise from Care Partners

Zinnia TV brings to me calm, mind body and spirit. I leave it playing in the background as I go about my day.
Bonnie Erickson
Board President & Founder of the National Council of Dementia Minds

Zinnia TV is a lifeline for us. Both our in-person and virtual volunteers rely heavily on Zinnia TV.

Eugenia Welch

President / CEO at Alzheimer's San Diego

It’s really good for calming people down so they stop feeling lost. The entire dining hall goes from high stress to this wonderful moment of silence when Zinnia TV starts playing.

Lavinia F

Professional care partner

What a blessing and a gift this TV station is.

Teepa Snow

Positive Approach to Care

Zinnia TV has brought more joy to my aunt in an innovative way.

Amie K

Family Care Partner

I know Zinnia TV works to keep people engaged. I can reliably put it on and run out of the room.

Natalie H

Enrichment Director

We know we can count on Zinnia TV to be the antidote to sadness.

Molly S

Activity Assistant

My wife is much more engaged by Zinnia TV as her dementia has progressed. You guys just nailed it. You’ve figured out what it takes to keep her engaged.

John S

Family Care Partner

I am just so thankful this exists, it is incredibly important for us.

Lori La Bey

Host Alzheimer’s Speaks

Zinnia TV helps our residents be more engaged in their lives and their day and what is going on around them.

Rachel L

Enrichment Director

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