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Create meaningful connection

Reduce social isolation

Support activities of daily living

Soothe anxiety & lift the mood

How we help

Dementia-friendly videos

Enjoy videos that soothe distress and restore a sense of ease. Crafted by dementia experts, artists, researchers and care professionals, Zinnia TV videos are slow-paced and undemanding for people who struggle to process rapid images, follow a plot or tell fact from fiction. For people with dementia, this is simply better TV.

Foster Connection

Watch together to learn more about the person you care for. Zinnia TV videos provide a wealth of topics so you can start a conversation about anything that elicits a reaction — even when people are no longer verbal. Friendly Greeting videos feature care professionals saying warm, positive messages to the viewer to increase engagement and reduce loneliness.

Engaging Experience

Delight in immersive sound, music and visuals that follow gentle yet captivating story flows. Activate intellectual stimulation with games, sing-alongs, conversation starters and more. New topics and enrichment tools are added regularly to Zinnia TV’s growing library of handcrafted videos.

Promote Self-care

Encourage a healthy self-care routine with Zinnia TV’s Activities of Daily Living videos. Videos that inspire tasks such as eating, getting clean or winding down for sleep can help people transition from one activity to another with minimal anxiety. While the video plays care partners can prepare the next activity or enjoy their own restorative pause.

Watch Anywhere

Have a meaningful way to click, wherever you are. While a big screen offers the best experience, the Zinnia TV app is there when you need it. Play videos on your smartphone or tablet during outings, or screencast from your phone to a smart television using Airplay or Chromecast. Headed where the internet is not available? Take a moment to download favorite videos before you go.


"Zinnia TV brings to me calm, mind body and spirit. I leave it playing in the background as I go about my day."

Bonnie Erickson
Board President & Founder of the National Council of Dementia Minds

"What a blessing and a gift this TV station is."

Teepa Snow
Positive Approach to Care

"It’s really good for calming people down so they stop feeling lost. The entire dining hall goes from high stress to this wonderful moment of silence when Zinnia TV starts playing."

Lavinia F.
Professional care partner

"Zinnia TV is a lifeline for us. Both our in-person and virtual volunteers rely heavily on Zinnia TV."

Eugenia Welch
President / CEO at Alzheimer's San Diego

"I know Zinnia TV works to keep people engaged. I can reliably put it on and run out of the room."

Natalie H.
Enrichment Director

"Zinnia TV helps our residents be more engaged in their lives and their day and what is going on around them."

Rachel L.
Enrichment Director

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