Frequently Asked Questions
What is Zinnia?
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Zinnia is a collection of artfully-designed, research-driven videos that enhance the lives of both people giving and receiving care by creating connection and engagement, and reducing anxiety. 

What does the name mean?
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Zinnia is named after the zinnia flower, which symbolizes endurance because it blooms from mid-summer all the way until frost and can withstand the most hostile conditions. Zinnias also represent enduring friendship, goodness and remembrance. By creating Zinnia, we intend to help people flourish beyond their diagnosis.

Who is Zinnia TV for?
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Originally created for people living with memory loss and cognitive changes often associated with dementia, Zinnia is perfect for anyone requiring a more gentle, uplifting viewing experience.

How do I access Zinnia TV?
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Download the Zinnia app for iOS and Android cell phones and tablets, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, ROKU and Android TV. Zinnia is also available via any internet browser at

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Why are most of the videos 10-minutes long?
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Zinnia is optimized to be engaging for people with mid- to late-stage Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias who live very much in the moment. We want to make that moment as interesting as possible and one way we do that is by offering a sequence of short, engaging videos with a variety of interesting topics.

Do the videos autoplay continuously?
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If you are using the Zinnia TV App on iPhone, iPad, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV, then our videos will autoplay in any of our Channels.

If you are watching Zinnia TV from a web browser, videos will autoplay but there is a 30 second delay between each video if you are playing in full screen mode.

If you are using our Samsung Tizen App on a Samsung TV, the videos do not autoplay. However, we have created long playlist videos (3+ hours in length) available in the "All Day Channel" that you can use when you want a longer session of videos.

How do I optimize the Zinnia experience for a person living with dementia?
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  1. Make sure the person watching is close enough to see the images. Because of the visual changes that typically accompany dementia, this might be much closer than you expect.
  2. Eliminate visual and audio clutter. It is very hard for a person with dementia to focus on Zinnia TV if there are competing sounds and movements nearby.
  3. Try muting the Zinnia TV audio to allow the videos to play silently or play music beloved by the person watching.
  4. Watch Zinnia TV with the person living with dementia. People enjoy the experience more if you are with them to interact, reminisce, and sooth. We don’t believe anyone should ever be parked in front of a TV for hours on end, regardless of what’s on the screen.
  5. Let us know if there are videos you would love to see us create!!
Can I watch Zinnia on my television?
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Zinnia can be watched on a television by downloading the app for Apple TV, Amazon Fire, ROKU, Android TV or Samsung Tizen TV. 

How much is a Zinnia subscription?
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Please visit our Sign Up page for pricing details.

I paid for a subscription. How does it work?
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Monthly subscribers will be automatically billed each month. You can cancel at any time. Annual subscriptions will renew a year after they were initiated, and you will be notified before the next year’s fee is charged to you.

How do I get help with using the website?
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We want to make sure you have the best viewing experience possible. If you have any difficulty using our website, please email

There’s a video topic I’d love to see.  How can I suggest ideas for new videos?
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We do our best to create content that resonates with the interests of our viewers, and we love to receive new requests.  Please note that while we try our best to respond, we may be unable to accommodate all requests.  Please email

Which videos are useful to soothe agitation?
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While the Nature videos are generally considered soothing, there is not one right answer here. Sometimes a welcome distraction will serve to soothe agitation, like playing a Sing-Along video. Sometimes a sense of connection with the familiar will sooth agitation. For some people this might be an Animal video, like Dogs if they have been a dog lover, or an Interests video, like Fly Fishing if the viewer always found this to be a peaceful activity. Also consider a video in the Interests channel like Just for Fun, or Puns with Erin that can bring a smile and lighten the mood.

Which Videos help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)?
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Our Activities of Daily Living videos are intended to make a potentially triggering activity less challenging. Choose the video that best matches the activity. If the viewer is resistant to drinking water, for example, we have several Drink Water videos intended to get across the idea, “Look – everyone else is drinking water. Let’s drink water, too.”

Also consider simply sharing an uplifting video like Just for Fun that sets a positive tone, or a Nature video that can ease distress.

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