Tips for using Zinnia

Navigate the Zinnia TV app with ease using our comprehensive guide. Learn how our dementia-friendly interface supports easy access to our videos and features.

Get Close

Both advanced age and dementia impact a person’s ability to see. Make sure that the viewer is close enough to the screen.

Get Acquainted

When possible, let the viewer choose the videos they’d like to watch. Learning their interests creates opportunities for conversations later.

Play Full-Screen

For the best experience, play videos in Full-Screen mode. Just click the Full-Screen button at the bottom right corner of any video.

Make it Big

To watch on your TV, we recommend using an Amazon Fire TV Stick or AirPlay from an Apple device. Learn more

Have Questions?

Please visit our FAQ page, which answers our most common questions. If you don’t find your answer there, email us at

Get Quiet

Competing sounds (and visuals) can distract the viewer, undermining the ability of Zinnia TV to soothe and engage.

Get Connected

The best experience of all is watching Zinnia TV together, pausing for questions and conversation.

Slow Down

If the videos are flowing by too quickly, click the Settings widget at the bottom right of the video player and select a slower speed (0.75x or 0.5x).

Make it Your Own

Now and then, we recommend you try muting our videos’ sound. Or, to perk things up, play the viewers’ favorite music while you watch.

Need dementia caregiving help?
For people facing cognitive challenges, standard TV programming can trigger confusion, distress, and daytime sleeping. Exploring a meaningful topic on Zinnia TV can soothe, delight, and reinforce a person’s sense of identity.
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