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What is Zinnia TV?

Supportive Videos that Inspire Joy

Even the most dedicated care partners rely on TV at times to occupy the person living with dementia. But standard programming created for healthy brains can trigger distress for a person who is no longer able to track a plot, tell fiction from reality, or track rapidly moving images and sounds. Zinnia’s content channels feature familiar faces, subjects, and sounds to help people feel engaged and connected.

Content is the Key

Designed to Connect


Meaningful Recollection

Zinnia helps people stay connected to who they are, who they were, and what they love. Familiar topics, interests, locations, and even sound effects enhance meaning, engagement, and connection.

Friendly Messages

Friendly Messages

These videos integrate supportive, comforting greetings from care professionals. Simulated Presence Therapy is an effective tool for soothing agitation and providing support when family members are not able to visit.

Immersive Experience

Immersive Experiences

Our videos are crafted to be beautiful, easy to see and easy to process, drawing people in with a subtle internal 'story' logic that often moves through time and place without the burden of plot.


Deeper Connection

Caregivers report that our videos can increase their connection with the people they support by providing insight into their interests and hobbies, as well as inspiring discussion, play and laughter.


Words from Care Providers

“Zinnia caters to something that many care providers haven't thought about: what people with mid-stage or late-stage dementia watch on TV. It will become a key part of care. From seeing my clients react to the programming during the trials, I can say that for sure it has a positive impact on people with dementia and is something that many care providers will use.”

Lawrence Thuku
Family Resource Home Care's Platinum Caregiver of the Year
“The Zinnia project is a wonderful concept that has brought more joy to my aunt in an innovative way. We used to turn on classic TV shows and movies that my aunt used to love, thinking she would enjoy them, but as her dementia progressed she would get up and wander in the middle of a show. Zinnia’s short, personalized videos reach her, as she is able to follow the content.”
Amie Kim
Family Care Partner, Seattle
Watch Better

Tips for Viewing

Play Full-Screen

For the best experience, play videos in Full-Screen mode. Just click the Full-Screen button at the bottom right corner of any video. To exit Full-Screen mode, click it again or press the ESC key. If watching on a Smart TV, hit the Back button to exit Full-Screen.

Pause to Connect

You can learn a lot about a person by watching Zinnia TV together. Pause playback on scenes that spark excitement to discuss what you're seeing and enjoy a few moments of connection. Press the space bar to play and pause videos.

Watch on TV

To watch Zinnia TV on internet-connected TVs, we recommend using the Firefox browser on an Amazon Fire Stick.

Get Close

Some people can't process sensory information as well or as quickly as others. It may improve the Zinnia TV experience if you move the screen close to the people watching and minimize room noise.

Your Music

If you really want to juice things up, play some favorite music while they watch. You may need to mute the volume of the video if you are playing music from the same device, or mute the sound on your device.

Slow Down

If the videos are flowing by too quickly, click the Settings widget at the bottom right of the video player and select a slower speed (0.75x or 0.5x).


Your Feedback is Important

Your feedback helps us achieve our mission to create engaging connections between people. Once you've watched our videos, please fill out this one-page survey to let us know what you like and what you'd like to see next.

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