How Zinnia enhances care in a long term care setting
Our mission is to enhance the lives of people giving or receiving care by making dementia care easier and more meaningful.

Zinnia videos are powerful tools for:

Creating Connections

Benefits of watching Zinnia together:

Selecting What to Watch:

Watching Videos:

I watched the "Just Fun" video with one of our residents (that I had known for 5 years+) and learned that she had a dog! Something I hadn't known for all these years and it got me thinking that these videos are a great way to get to know our residents better.

Deborah L

Registered Nurse in Long-Term Care

The videos serve as great conversation starters.

Eugenia Welch

President / CEO at Alzheimer's San Diego

What a blessing and a gift this TV station is. You can watch things together…and you don’t have to focus on a relationship the person doesn’t remember.

Teepa Snow

Positive Approach to Care

Set the tone | Provide ease and calm | Reduce agitation 

Benefits of watching Zinnia together:

Selecting which videos to watch:

Watching Videos:

Zinnia TV brings to me calm, mind body and spirit. I leave it playing in the background as I go about my day.

Bonnie Erickson

Board President & Founder of the National Council of Dementia Minds

Without Zinnia TV I don’t know how I would have made it through times of crisis.

Carolyn Lukert

PAC Consultant and Support Mentor, Positive Approach to Care

Zinnia TV is super helpful. My client becomes distracted really easily. The nature videos, like waterfalls, trees, birds--they’re really engaging for her. She’s curious about what we’re watching, and often sighs, or says things like, ‘Such beauty!’

Amy K

Aging Wisdom

Foster community,  joy and a sense of accomplishment

Benefits of watching Zinnia together:

Selecting which videos to watch:

Videos in the Fun and Games and Sing-Alongs channels are intended to be interactive and fun, and to work in both individual and small group settings. They can promote a sense of accomplishment by giving residents an opportunity to be successful.

Watching Videos:

Zinnia TV is wonderful and so helpful! Mom really enjoys the nature, birds, and baby videos you have as well as the singing of songs she’s familiar with from childhood. She likes the young woman who plays the guitar, as she sings in a lower key that mom can best hear and understand.

Ginger C.

Care partner to her mother

Great video. I found myself quite soothed by the graphics and the slow review of the letters.


University of Malaya

Encourage Participation in Healthful Activities and ADLs

Benefits of watching Zinnia together:

Selecting which videos to watch:

The Activities of Daily Living channel includes videos that promote a better quality of life by reducing agitation around, and compliance with ADLs. Select videos based on the activity that is to be supported.

Watching Videos:

Playing the Breakfast video has been a game changer at our community. The other caregivers and I see how much calmer everyone is when they know why they’re in the dining hall. This is the way it’s supposed to be.


Professional care partner in a memory care community

Each time the woman in the video lifted her cup of tea and took a sip, our resident did the same!

Research team member

Testing Zinnia TV in memory care